Welcome to my VideoChief UK Edition review

Video Chief UK Edition have well over 40 niches now in the database and they're continuing to add to the membership.

so it always sells extremely well and well every time they release a new set of templates they're pretty much building them based on what our customers want.

and that's what brings us to this next addition which is the UK edition,

VideoChief have customers from all over the world and one of the biggest requests that we got in was to release British accent videos ok and that's exactly what we've done so in this next edition we are calling it the UK Edition

videoChief UK addition review

What you get with video chief UK edition

video chief UK edition membership area now if this is your first time learning about video chief let me just tell you first off that video chief is obviously in my opinion the best and the biggest library of done-for-you videos that you can quickly download and profit anywhere from 500  to 1000 or even more per video by just selling these videos to your clients.

okay now in this vidiochief UK edition that is being released it's actually our green screen edition right now our green screen Edition has been our most requested type of video from our users which is to provide the green screen version of our videos so that you can have more flexibility more customization and so that you can sell it to more clients because you know with the green screen you can change the background add your clients logos all of that good stuff very very quickly. 

And just continue to sell these videos, so although there's a 150 different type of green screen videos you can turn these into 1000's by just customizing the backgrounds and things like that but you can see here we have all types of niches here from accounting services corporate attorney and I could just keep loading more and more dental services Dog Training dermatology event planner family law I care electrical contractor.

You get all the templates from video chief edition 1.0 and 2.0

 So you can see over a 150 different green screen videos and the beautiful part about this offer as well as that you're not just getting a 150 green screen videos you're also going to get all the video templates from version 1.0 and all of the video templates from 2.0 as well.

so when you browse templates you can get access to all of these templates also. all of these templates all these different categories and of course you get access to the voiceover templates so in case you want to edit your add your own the script templates as well if you want to record your own voice overs.

Or if you have your own voice-over actress or actor and you also get course templates so if you want to use these as up-sells or use them to build your list whatever it may be but you can see they have a bunch of different videos.

video chief UK edition have added over a 1000 templates with the green-screen now because there's over a 150 from the 1.0 and then the 2.0 templates if you've seen them before or not these are very professional Hollywood style templates so you get all of these aswell. All of these video templates are HD quality.

keep watching this space more to come on Video Chief UK edition review with some bonus offers.

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