Welcome to my Local Blog Spinner Review

Local blog spinner is a tool that's been in development for many months.

There are 9 features which no other spinner has.


With the option of being able to generate 10 articles with just 1 click.

best word spinner review

The local blog spinner can find as many synonyms and phrases as possible, then randomly combine then to generate unique articles. Which google with index separately. Each unique article with have the keywords in a variety of synonyms.

Localize your position with local blog spinner

Show your customers where your business is. Each article should have google map localization of your stat/city which you are able to choose according to your preferences.

Localization will help boost local google search that will bring you many more customers. You can you use local blog spinner to set up 10 cities by 1 spin.

localalized blog spinner review

Quick Google indexing

local blog spinner review quick google indexing

With local blog spinner articles can be indexed very quickly in comparison to other content. With your new blog article can be indexed within a few day. Google will search it then drive unlimited traffic. Sending a site map to google with help indexing your articles quickly.

Publishing files at different times

With the option of publishing your articles on past dates, so that your customers could then see your blog as established. it's simply a case of set up the oldest date and latest date and the local blog spinner will randomly calculate and set the dates of the articles between these dates.

local blog spinner published files

Different output formats

local blog spinner different output formats

The standard output of most spinners is text. However the local spinner output is a CSV files, Which can be edited easily in Excel or any other spreadsheet software, even notepad. The second option is the XML file, that you can use in other web services, mainly in other none WordPress blogs. you can also edit XML files in notepad++.

One click publishing

With local blog spinner you also get a plug-in for a quick upload of your spun articles, It uploads your CSV files to your WordPress blog. With the articles with past dates will then be published immediately, so that it looks like your website was established a long time ago, Which is a good signal for google.

one click publishing

Use the best world spinner

best word spinner review

This spinner contains millions of synonyms that will do a perfect job for you. If your not 100% satisfied with the result you can also use the best world spinner that is SpinRewriter. Local blog spinner has a good sophisticated interface where you only to write a relevant API key.

Output file is editable

With the option of being able to preview your spun articles in Excel or another editor if your choice. If your no satisfied with the output articles, you then can easily edit both the headlines and the body of your text. The publishing dates of the articles are also editable. You also have the option of being able to edit the articles in your WordPress blog.

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