how to make money flipping websites

How to make money with domain flipping

The methods and resources that this post is based on are slowly acquired through trial and error, intense studying and extensive research to find the best products and resources as well as the necessary skills to be able to profit as much as possible from domain flipping.

There’s 3 ways you can run the business.

  • Do all the work yourself (High profit margin)
  • Outsourced (Good profit margin)

With the info provided, you can mix it up and outsource what you need to outsource. I will provide links and contact info for freelancers that we have a good experience with, so you don’t have to look around the online jungle of freelancers yourself.

All in all, we believe that this course will teach you how to make as much money as you want to.

It is highly scalable and it will be completely up to you how much work you want to put into it and how much you want to earn.

With the extensive knowledge acquired through this course, you will have the freedom to easily make money by flipping websites whenever you want to. If that is full time, part time or occasionally is entirely up to you.

So how much can I earn from domain flipping?

It will depend on your selling skills and how much you are willing to work. But ill do some basic math for you to see what can be easily achieved.

  • Selling price

Let’s say that we sell the sites for $79

  • Expenses

Flippa success fee (based on $79 selling price) $15.80
Flippa listing fee: $19
Website Creation: $7
Hosting and domain: $12

Total: $53.80

So $79 – $53.80 = $25.20 This means that for every site you sell, you will profit at least $25.20. You can easily sell several websites per day and many sites will sell for more than $79. So as you can see, the road to the magic $100/day is easily achievable with this method!

Be honest with the website buyers

It’s ok to be creative and deliver awesome sales pitches and speak well of your product, highlighting its positive sides. But there is a fine line between creativity and lying.

Overselling your product will work well one time. But the buyer will never buy from you again. And that will hurt your bottom line badly.

Upselling to already established buyers are a gold mine, so make sure you don’t scare anyone away.

It shouldn’t be necessary to have to mention it. But, be nice to your potential buyers. I see a lot of sellers, and often the successful ones, flashing their huge ego and bad attitude. On the receiving end of this bad attitude is often the most “time consuming” buyers, AKA the “newbies” or the ones that are having a bit of trouble communicating in English.

The weird thing about this is that the “newbies” are the bread and butter for any website flipper. They are the ones that will pay good money for good looking websites and they are the ones that will come back for more if they are happy with your service.

Non-newbies wouldn’t have to buy a website. They would just make one themselves.

Keep your promises

If you are not 100% sure you can follow through on your promise, don’t make that promise. This is especially related to promises related to delivery time and time limits in general.

  • Remember: A lot of your buyers will be buying their first ever website from you. They will be super excited and can’t wait to have it transferred, learn how to use it and place their ads.

This will seem like everyday stuff to you, but for them it’s not. If you miss the time limit or your promises on something they are looking forward to, they will surely buy from another seller next time.

Can you also think of anything more annoying than someone that is missing time limits that they set themselves?

Starting up getting your Domain and Hosting

The first thing you need is a domain and a cheap hosting account. Godaddy offers Economy hosting with a Free domain for just $1/month. You won’t find a better deal than that. You can get it HERE.

Finding the right niches for domain flipping

It is a good idea to research and find what niches sell the best among the newbies. What niches sell best is not always the niches that are the most profitable. It’s often more important to the newbies that the niche is cool than the niche being narrow and low competition. I have also found that mixing niches is a good idea to make the sites stand out from the crowd. Some niche combos work really well.

And as I often say, “Viral” is the new black. It goes with almost anything.

Here’s a list of the niche combos we have had the most success with

• Tech / Gadget / Viral
• Fashion / Viral
• Fashion / Fitness
• Fitness / Diet
• Makeup / Fashion
• Health / Diet
• Cars / Gadgets
• Sports / Gadgets / Viral
• Viral / Pranks
• Fitness / Fashion

Hosting and Domain name Registration

To get the best margin on your sales, you really need to cut the costs down to a minimum here.

The best way to do this is to take advantage of this awesome offer from Godaddy.

• Free domain
• Just $1/month
• Extremely easy to use
• Great customer support

Here they offer you 1 year Economy hosting + a FREE .com domain for just $12. That is extremely cheap and will make your profit margin as high as possible.

Website creation

We have already established the fact that we will mostly be selling to newbies. So what do the newbies want and need?

Websites on complete autopilot. Aka “autoblogs”.

Autoblogs are websites that is fetching content through other websites RSS feeds using a autoblogging plugin. I’ve used WP Automatic you can also incorporate the best spinning into the WP automatic using the API to spin the content. The content is fetched based on manually set keywords that fit well within the desired niche.

This plugin along with a good looking theme and a logo will give you a complete website that gets fresh content every day on complete autopilot. The plugin will also spin the content, so google will view the content as unique, which will make the sites Adsense safe. Perfect for the newbies!

Here is a couple example websites:

How to outsource autoblog creation

You can find people on fiver ect to make you a complete autoblog for $5 (+ $2 fiverr fee).

What it doesn’t include:
Make a simple logo
$1/month hosting with free domain
This guy will make you a complete autoblog for $5 (+ $2 fiverr fee).
Link: Fiverr Gig
As you can see, having a autoblog set up for you will only cost you $7.
This will save you a lot of time that you can use on selling and talking to potential buyers.
But if you are a wordpress wizard, you will be able to set the site up yourself in no time.
So this will be entirely up to you. You can’t really go wrong with any of the options.
When it comes to choosing between autoblog and manual website, i would go for
autoblog most of the time.
My reasoning:
• Easier to maintain
• Newbie friendly
• Cheap to outsource
• Easy to sell
Discount link to works well for this purpose. Free and easy to use.
• Finding a free theme
• Installing wordpress on your hosting
• Theme setup
• Free wp-automatic plugin
• Wp-automatic configuration – fully set up and ready to go

What it doesn’t include:

• domain name
• hosting
• logo

But you can get this easily and cheaply here

Make a simple logo works well for this purpose. Free and easy to use.

$1/month hosting with free domain


As you can see, having a autoblog set up for you will only cost you $7.
This will save you a lot of time that you can use on selling and talking to potential buyers.

But if you are a WordPress wizard, you will be able to set the site up yourself in no time. So this will be entirely up to you. You can’t really go wrong with any of the options. When it comes to choosing between Autoblog and manual website, I would go for autoblog most of the time.

My reasoning:
• Easier to maintain
• Newbie friendly
• Cheap to outsource
• Easy to sell

How to list your site for sale

In my opinion, there is only one option here:

This platform has the most websites for sale and the biggest number of buyers. They have already done transactions summing to $165 million since their launch in the year 2009. Flippa charges $19-$29 for listing fee and has a success fee of 15%. It is one of the best platforms because its verified and trusted by Google. It is the reason why people who are willing to pay good money are flocking towards Flippa. All of the listings are auction based.

How to create your auction on Flippa

This should be pretty straight forward. Just fill out the information for your website. One thing to take note of is the site age. Flippa separates Starter sites and Established sites by the two-month mark. Starter site listings cost $19 while Established costs $29. List your site as younger than two sites and save $10.

This is where you sell your site. I suggest that you make a standard listing description that you can easily edit and adapt to fit every listing you make, by just editing basic details like name and niche.

If you are not comfortable with writing a sales copy, you can hire a copywriter. I can strongly recommend this one. He is affordable, easy to work with and writes very well: Link to Fiverr gig. This will be the headline of your listing. You should make this specific and tempting. It should include; domain name, a key benefit of the site and niche.

An example headline: – 100% Autopilot & Newbie Friendly – Tech/Viral Niche

This will be the subheader of your listing. It should contain basically the same info as the headline, only a bit more info, and selling points.

Awesome looking website in super hot niche. 100% autopilot & newbie friendly. Full after sales support and awesome business plan included!

This will be the sales pitch for your listing. This is the point I mentioned above where I told you to consider hiring a copywriter.

Hiring a copywriter for this will only be a one-time investment because you will instruct him to write a very general sales pitch that you can easily edit by changing basic info like domain name and niche.

Although these sales pitches from copywriters can sound cheesy, they actually do sell very well and are worth the money. I can strongly recommend this one. He is affordable, easy to work with and writes very well: link to Fiverr gig.

how to flip websites

How would you like to sell it

  • Auction
  • Duration Minimum 14 days.

The reason for this is that we “have to” sell the sites on the first attempt. Relisting starter sites costs $9, so we want to avoid that by having good auction length and lots of time to sell it.

How much would you like to sell it for

Starting price: $1

Reserve: $79
For the standard outsourced autoblogs i have described above, selling the sites for $69 will leave you a profit of approximately $39 after all services and fee’s are paid (also the 15% success fee).

You can decide this yourself obviously, but i recommend $69 or $79, to make it easy to sell.

Buy it now: $89
This is a good number for impatient people that don’t want to wait until the auction ends.

Show reserve price: Yes.
This will increase the chances of selling a lot.

Promote and pay

There’s no need for anything more than the standard $19 listing here.

How do you get paid after selling your website?

make money flipping domains

Check all the boxes in the image above. The more options the buyer gets for payments, the more likely they are to buy.

Verify, revenue and expenses

This will only be verified, as you won’t have any revenue or expenses. To verify ownership, you get two options: place a meta tag in the head section of the website or place a text file in the root folder. The easiest one is to just place a meta tag in the head section.

How it’s done:

  1. Copy the meta tag from flippa
  2. Log in to your wordpress website admin panel at admin
  3. Download the plugin “insert headers and footers”
  4. Go to plugin settings and paste the code in “header” and save
  5. Hit verify on flippa and you are good to go.

That’s it! When this is done, you can hit “LAUNCH” and your auction will start!

Standing out from the crowd when selling your website

To stand out a bit from all the other sellers, it can be a good idea to offer bonus material to come along with the website. This can be a wide range of things. But you should decide on what suits you the best. The important thing is that the buyers will feel that they get a lot of extra value for their money. Make sure that the bonus or extras are mentioned in either the header or subheader of your listing. It will generate a lot of views and clicks.

Examples of extras

• Business plan
• free extra website (buyer have to register domain)
• free ebooks
• free marketing
• and so on.

At first sight, this can seem like something that will hurt your profit or give you extra work. But actually. If we are a bit tactical here, it will save us a lot of work. My personal favorite is to offer the buyers a general business plan. This is something that you make once, that works for all types of websites, and you can send it to everyone.

It will contain info on how to generate traffic, how and where to get content, outsourcing info and so on. This will save you from a lot of questions and at the same time the buyer will feel like this is really valuable and they can get started right away to develop their site. And you will dodge a lot of trivial questions, cause they will be busy with the business plan. A business plan is available into you on the downloads page. Feel free to rebrand and edit this to make it your own.

Supporting the buying after you’ve sold the website

After sales support is another thing that is important to mention in your listing. And it is absolutely necessary to offer the buyers to transfer the domain and website for them. Very few of them know how to do this, and will not buy if this is not included. For domain transfer you can follow this guide or just follow instructions on Godaddy.

How to Transfer Domain Name Ownership

After you have sold your website to a client, you have to transfer the domain name ownership. Transferring the domain name to your buyer or new website owner is very easy if you know the right steps.

  • Ensure That Both Sides Have Agreed with the Terms.

This is the most important step because in this step you have to make sure that you have closed the deal with your client. It is also advised that you wait first for the payment to be deposited in your bank account before you transfer the domain name ownership. Make sure also that both sides have signed all the important documents of the sale.

  • Check the Remaining Time of Your Domain Subscription

Checking how much time you have left on your subscription is also very important. You should inform your client of the subscription time so that they can renew the account. Take note that if the subscription is not renewed, the domain name will be available for grabs with no fee.

  • Tell the Buyer to Setup an Account in the Registrar

The buyer should setup an account under the same registrar that your domain is registered in. Doing so, will make it easier for the buyer to transfer the domain name in a different registrar. Transferring the domain to a different registrar may have small fees but some registrar may do it for free.

  • Change the Settings of Your Management Software

There are certain settings in your domain that are designed for theft protection. You must turn off these options before transferring the domain to your buyer. It needs to be turned off to allow the new owner to control the domain.

  • Make Sure That the Buyer Sends a Transfer Request

This step should be done by the buyer or the client. This is very easy to do unless it is the buyer’s first time so you need to assist them on this matter. The buyer should fill-in a form requesting for the transfer of the domain to their registrar.

  • Accept the Transfer Request

This is the last step of the transferring process where you have to confirm the transfer request of the domain name. You will be receiving an email as soon as the buyer sends the transfer request. In order to confirm, you have to log in to your account and click the button that will display your messages. Then click Accept Request.

Follow the steps mentioned above carefully and you can successfully transfer the domain name ownership to your client.

The way you communicate with potential buyers will set the standard for their perception of you as a seller. Based on that perception they will decide if you seem trustworthy, if you seem friendly and if you seem like someone that is delivering quality.

This first impression can mean the difference between a long-lasting returning buyer and someone that will never buy from you.
You will get a lot of weird questions from inexperienced buyers. It is important to answer these questions in a friendly and professional way, to build trust.

  • Buyer question

What is the difference between WordPress and Adsense and who will write the automatic articles? Is it difficult to manage the website? How much money will I make per month?

So.. This is obviously a very tough question to answer, because this indicates that this buyer is not familiar with owning a website at all.
I see a lot of buyers getting annoyed when they get a lot of questions like these. And believe me, you will get A LOT of questions like these. What’s important in this spot is to not give the buyer the impression that you think he is stupid or that you are not interested.

  • Bad answer

What do you mean the difference between WordPress and adsense? It has nothing to do with one another lolz.. Yes its difficult to manage a website if you have no clue. This is a starter site it doesn’t make money. Please read the description before asking questions.

This answer is just outright idiotic and a bit hostile. If you are answering potential buyers like this, you better have one hell of a product to sell
that can’t be bought elsewhere. It may seem strange, but this is actually normal behavior from a lot of experienced buyers that have come to a point where they feel like they are so much better than the newbies and their ego are so huge that they have problems acting normal. Yet they moan and moan about how hard it is to sell nowadays. When in reality, selling
websites have never been easier.

  • Better answer

Thank you for your message! That’s a great question.
WordPress and Adsense are actually two very different things. WordPress is the platform the website is built on and Adsense is Google’s affiliate program. Both are awesome to use, and I will make sure that you become familiar with both of them if you decide to buy my website.
The website is not difficult to manage. You don’t have to manage it at all actually. This is because it is running on a type of software that automatically imports articles from other website’s RSS feeds.
How much money you will be making per month will depend on how much time, effort and money you are willing to invest in marketing and SEO. I can recommend great and affordable freelancer that can do this work for you at very affordable rates. Please let me know if you want more information.
Thanks again!

By answering this way, the buyer will feel appreciated and grow some self-esteem by feeling that he was asking good and relevant questions. He will also get the feeling that he is treated seriously and that I appreciate his messages.

This will mean a lot to new buyers that are insecure and new to the industry. And you will be able to grow long lasting professional relationships with lots of upselling opportunities.
Also, take note of me bringing in the option to outsource things right away. It is important to mention this early on, so they get used to the idea and see the value in this. This will save you for a lot of work later on. Be quick to recommend a very affordable virtual assistant or website manager from Fiverr (or similar) so that you redirect all the trivial questions to them and you can focus on selling more.
The short version when it comes to how to communicate is to be friendly, respectful, helpful and a bit tactical. Treat them well and at the same time make sure to recommend good options for them that will give you the least amount of work. Per example recommending freelance website managers and VA’s. So get started on making money domain flipping

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