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Don’t buy VidMatrix until you have read my review

So what is VidMatrix and should you buy it well don’t buy viDMatrix until you have read my review on this product by Mario Brown.

So what does VidMatrix do and is it worth buying? So what does VidMatrix actually do to justify buying it? It is a video builder bundle that you can create 5 different types of videos.

Some of the features of VidMatrix

The layout of VidMatrix is very simple at the top you have 5 different options to choose from.

The first option is you can create logos for intros and outros in 2D and 3D. All you have to do is click on the option then you get many different logo animations styles to choose from, you can then click on each one and edit it easily with adding any image from your computer or the library withing Vidmatrix depending on which option you buy. Once you have your intro image you can then choose which music to use with the intro, it gives you some prebuilt music that are royalty-free to choose from.

The second option is the ability to make Facebook and youtube style advertising videos.

This option give you totally different styles of animation, With the facebook youtube vidoes styles you get the option to change the text within the vidoes it also shows you exactly how many characters you insert for each slide

The next option we have is being able to make live action videos.

These vidoes are actual live action that you can customise with your own brand anyway you want with text and logo.

The White board videos option is next

The white board style these videos styles give that writing on a whiteboard and you can change anything that is written on that whiteboard to give it that professional look

Slideshow videos types

With Slideshows being the 5 type of videos you can built with this software.

Watch a this video to see it in action

Check the official site

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