Content Artemis Review

If you are like me, when building your websites, its the content that takes the time to master and optimise your pages. Most people will choose to outsource content writing but getting good content is expensive and can take time too. I highly recommend giving content writing a go yourself. This may sound daunting but there are many software packages to make this easier for you. One of these packages is Content Artemis which really does make writing your own content a straight forward process and the results will assist you to achieve optimised pages and sites.

In addition to optimised content helping grow the potential of your site, it also provides pleasant reading. This can result in, not just new visitors staying a while, but recurring visitors who visit time after time.

Artemis is the Greek God of hunting and this software is aptly named as this captures the essence of what Content Artemis does for you.

There are five stages to producing excellent content on your pages.

Stage 1

Tell Artemis the keywords for your page or site. If you have already completed your keyword research you should have a number of focussed keywords to use.

Stage 2

Artemis with 'hunt' for high quality words and images correlating to your keywords.

Stage 3

Use this content to 'build' your post or blog. Be sure to research the optimum format depending on your content. Things like use of headings and sub headings.

Stage 4

Time to 'edit' - you can choose to edit manually yourself or you can use the Artemis spin option to make your content unique.

Stage 5

Share! Time to publish your high quality post.

I will update this Review on Content Artemis once i have some more information to share.

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