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shopabot review

Welcome to shopabot review 2018

This shopabot review so what is shop a bot? It's a revolutionary way of profiting as an Amazon affiliate. It's the only Amazon store that is 100% automated And come with an inbuilt traffic technology that will guarantee to generate sales

STEP 1: Add Amazon details, select your theme and your store is ready to take sales.
STEP 2: Import EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT for sale on Amazon (it's like your OWN Amazon!)
STEP 3: 
Use our Proprietary Viral Products Search Engine.
STEP 4: Instantly create viral landing pages for the proven viral products.
STEP 5: Your store is ready, always updating and consistantly building snowballing traffic.

The viral landing pages are then 100% optimized to go viral,  compelling your visitors to then share to get access to perfectly tailored giveaways or even win prizes you are offering.

  • There’s absolutely no need to import or update products
  • Your ShopABot store updates automatically, in real time, directly from Amazon.
  • Cloudbased/hosted stores or click to connect your own domain
  • Easy to customise, choose your focus niche and let the viral traffic take over
  • Proven big sellers as they are about to go viral 
  • 90 Day Amazon affiliate cookie, for a LOT more sales

  • get these free bonuses bellow i'm offering with this purchase

    Once purchased you will review the download link for these extra free tools

    shopabot review

    Product: Science Behind Going Viral


    shopabot review bonus

    Product: Viral Social Marketing Plugin

    Description: Quickly build a buzz around your business by offering incentives to users that share your products or services on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. Offers coupons, discounts, or download for a share, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, use as an upgrade with Pro Sites, lazy dependency for faster loading, built-in styles or customize, sell in-post ads. 

    shop a bot bonuses

    Product: Viral Click WP Plugin

    Description: Built to help you automatically generate contents for your site from an external web page. You can also customize the page by adding custom elements like modals, info bars, and slide-ins to promote user engagement with your offers.

    Product: Branding Secrets Report

    Description: Learn The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Build Your Brand And Develop a Social Media Strategy. Package includes an ebook, graphics, sales letter, squeeze page.

    shopabot bonus

    Product: Leadbook WP Plugin

    Description: Supercharge your list building effort, building it on social media is good to start using this amazing tool called Lead Book

    Traffic Titan 3.0 review 2018

    Traffic titan 3.0 review 2018

    This traffic titan 3 review will be looking into how traffic titan 3 can help you get free traffic, But how do you get free traffic well that's where traffic titan 3.0 comes in.

    Lets look at how it works and can help you get free traffic to your website

    Have you heard of a guy called "Chris X"?

    He's "old school" and has been marketing online since 2006.

    And he's made well over $2 million with affiliate marketing...

    Amazon? Youtube? Google? JVZoo? ClickBank?

    He's profited with all of them using the power of affiliate marketing.

    Traffic titan development

    So during the last 4 months Chris has decided to essentially focus his ENTIRE business onto combining a FREE TRAFFIC loophole with the power of "affiliate marketing".

    That's why he's spent over $10,000 building 7 of the most incredible traffic and affiliate software tools I've ever seen.

    •  Niche Money - database of 100 top affiliate & ecommerce niches with 100+ top keywords for each
    •  Keyword Titan - keyword research tool which searches out the top Google & YouTube keywords to target (both PPC & SEO)
    • Domainaveli - THIS domain research tool for Internet marketers. Just Enter a keyword & run 100 searches in 1 click!
    •  Website2Image - browse 100 top CB & JVZoo affiliate programs then pick images to use as slides for the next tool...
    • Image2Video - simply import images to create slide-based videos (to rank on YouTube) - INSTANT affiliate videos
    • Titan Theme 2.0 - WordPress theme, optimized for Google SEO and also to monetize with affiliates/ecommerce
    • Sites DB - a database of thousands of websites that you can target for free/dirt-cheap traffic for almost ANY niche
    • Flip DB - a database of hundreds of profitable websites that you can partner and JV with, to get super targeted buy traffic
    • Pro Club - a constant stream of new product launches and affiliate programs

      OK, I think you need to check these TEN tools out to see what the hype is all about
    traffic titan 3.0 review

    Azon fat cats review

    Welcome to my Azon fat cats review 2018

    This Azon Fat Cats review so what is Azon fat cats? Well it's a new PREMIUM membership training that is focused on showing you exactly how to get started on selling products on Amazon. From right at the beginning of doing the keyword research, so you can find the perfect product to sell, then listing it on Amazon in a way that maximizes your sales. This training walks you though step by step of the entire process in detail.

    This course is backed by over six figures in proof, from a successful reputable Amazon seller, This course covers everything that a 5k plis course  would cover, plus much more.

    There's no need for any massive investment, or previous knowledge. Just follow this and you too can drive 100k/year in sales in no time. Amazon is a great way to make affiliate commissions and make money starting out. However if you look deeper than just that, you'll find that the people making the most money from Amazon are NOT the affiliates being paid lousy 4% commissions, but the actual sellers of the products on Amazon.

    Bottom line is this: the easiest way to tap into this huge goldmine is by offering your very own Amazon products.

    More details on the Azon fat cats review to come with bonuses... watch this space! launches 24 February 2018

    Local Blog Spinner Review

    Welcome to my Local Blog Spinner Review

    Local blog spinner is a tool that's been in development for many months.

    There are 9 features which no other spinner has.


    With the option of being able to generate 10 articles with just 1 click.

    best word spinner review

    The local blog spinner can find as many synonyms and phrases as possible, then randomly combine then to generate unique articles. Which google with index separately. Each unique article with have the keywords in a variety of synonyms.

    Localize your position with local blog spinner

    Show your customers where your business is. Each article should have google map localization of your stat/city which you are able to choose according to your preferences.

    Localization will help boost local google search that will bring you many more customers. You can you use local blog spinner to set up 10 cities by 1 spin.

    localalized blog spinner review

    Quick Google indexing

    local blog spinner review quick google indexing

    With local blog spinner articles can be indexed very quickly in comparison to other content. With your new blog article can be indexed within a few day. Google will search it then drive unlimited traffic. Sending a site map to google with help indexing your articles quickly.

    Publishing files at different times

    With the option of publishing your articles on past dates, so that your customers could then see your blog as established. it's simply a case of set up the oldest date and latest date and the local blog spinner will randomly calculate and set the dates of the articles between these dates.

    local blog spinner published files

    Different output formats

    local blog spinner different output formats

    The standard output of most spinners is text. However the local spinner output is a CSV files, Which can be edited easily in Excel or any other spreadsheet software, even notepad. The second option is the XML file, that you can use in other web services, mainly in other none WordPress blogs. you can also edit XML files in notepad++.

    One click publishing

    With local blog spinner you also get a plug-in for a quick upload of your spun articles, It uploads your CSV files to your WordPress blog. With the articles with past dates will then be published immediately, so that it looks like your website was established a long time ago, Which is a good signal for google.

    one click publishing

    Use the best world spinner

    best word spinner review

    This spinner contains millions of synonyms that will do a perfect job for you. If your not 100% satisfied with the result you can also use the best world spinner that is SpinRewriter. Local blog spinner has a good sophisticated interface where you only to write a relevant API key.

    Output file is editable

    With the option of being able to preview your spun articles in Excel or another editor if your choice. If your no satisfied with the output articles, you then can easily edit both the headlines and the body of your text. The publishing dates of the articles are also editable. You also have the option of being able to edit the articles in your WordPress blog.

    WP optimiser review

    Welcome to WP Optimizer Review 2018

    When trying to optimize WordPress for speed issues, you end up with many different plug-ins, However with WP optimiser it's one stop plug-in that does it all.

    How quickly your website load is a ranking factor in google so a slow loading website could have a negative factor in the SERPS. That's where WP optimiser comes in to fix many of the issues you might have.

    WP Optimiser Features

    WP optimizer review
    WP optimizer features
    WP optimizer database fixes
    WP optimiser review

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    Stock Image PLR Firesale 2.0

    Welcome to Stock Image PLR Firesale 2.0 review 2018

    Stock Image PLR firesale 2.0 review royalty free images

    Welcome to Stock Image PLR Firesale 2.0 review.

    This bundle of royalty free images is an amazing package of 10000 images that covers all types of images from many types of niches these images have never been released before.

    With the 5 fast acting bonuses you will also get access to

    • Bonus 1: 200+ Ocean Animals Stock Images Collection

    • Bonus 2: 200+ Jungle Scenes Stock Image Collection

    • Bonus 3: 200+ Drone Stock Image Collection

    • Bonus 4: Animal Stock Images

    • Bonus5: Big Bundle Background Graphics

    Vimakerz Video Templates

    Welcome to Vimakerz video templates review


    Vimakerz video templates allows you to build high quality videos with the many templates and niches available.

    The video templates are built for any media including social media, so you can use them to gain a wide audience.

    This collection of all different types of video from many different niches will help you build amazingly professional videos that work on many types of formats including social media animation, company templates, powerpoint.

    The creator Aries Firmansyah will teach you step by step how to create stunning videos that you can build in under 10 minutes. It's that easy to use with the open edit export. With this technique you don't need any previous video making skills. This software does it for you without needing to buy any additional software to finish the job. The templates are there for you to use and customize easily.

    Product Developer

    Aries Firmansyah

    Product Name






    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Value For money

    Vimakerz Video Templates review


    Vimakerz Product Featuring

    • check
      Huge Video Promo And Powerpoint Template in a Bundle.
    • check
      Ready To Use for Marketing Tools.
    • check
      No Need For Extra Software Or Design Skill.
    • check
      Uses The Best templates for any video platform. Including Social Media.
    • check
      Ready for Many Niches.
    • check
      Really Easy to Use Out The Box.

    More detailed review on Vimakerz video templates to come. watch this space! 

    Underground Product Creation

    Underground Product Creation review

    Welcome to my look at the  Underground Product Creation.

    It’s a complete guide that shows how to create a killer money making info product in 60 minutes or less. It will help your prospect create a info product that demands money. 

    So How Does Underground Product Creation Work

    Underground Product Creation Review

    Step 1

    Think of an idea or subject you want to create a product around.

    Step 2

    Follow all the steps in the underground product creation guide.

    Underground Product Creation idea
    Underground Product Creation idea

    Step 3

    Now you have a money making info-product you can sell online or offline.

    Traffic Rebirth

    Traffic Rebirth Review - Get traffic without spending

    With our free traffic method, each site you have acts like a passive income machine.

    Imagine having a site that brings you $5000+ every year in passive Adsense money...or using your 30,000 visitors every month to make much more?

    And imagine that you can make as many sites as you want...

    Each one bringing you at LEAST $5000 a year (and that's just with Adsense!)

    These kinds of results are absolutely possible using the strategies I teach. I'm consistently generating adsense money, ecom sales, affiliate commissions and more with all this free traffic...

    traffic rebirth
    traffic rebirth review
    traffic rebirth review method
    traffic rebirth review 3 steps
    traffic rebirth bonus

    Traffic Rebirth bonus 1

    traffic rebirth bonus 1

    Traffic Rebirth bonus 2

    traffic rebirth bonus 2

    Traffic Rebirth bonus 3

    traffic rebirth bonus 3
    traffic rebirth review guarantee

    VideoChief UK Edition

    Welcome to my VideoChief UK Edition review

    Video Chief UK Edition have well over 40 niches now in the database and they're continuing to add to the membership.

    so it always sells extremely well and well every time they release a new set of templates they're pretty much building them based on what our customers want.

    and that's what brings us to this next addition which is the UK edition,

    VideoChief have customers from all over the world and one of the biggest requests that we got in was to release British accent videos ok and that's exactly what we've done so in this next edition we are calling it the UK Edition

    videoChief UK addition review

    What you get with video chief UK edition

    video chief UK edition membership area now if this is your first time learning about video chief let me just tell you first off that video chief is obviously in my opinion the best and the biggest library of done-for-you videos that you can quickly download and profit anywhere from 500  to 1000 or even more per video by just selling these videos to your clients.

    okay now in this vidiochief UK edition that is being released it's actually our green screen edition right now our green screen Edition has been our most requested type of video from our users which is to provide the green screen version of our videos so that you can have more flexibility more customization and so that you can sell it to more clients because you know with the green screen you can change the background add your clients logos all of that good stuff very very quickly. 

    And just continue to sell these videos, so although there's a 150 different type of green screen videos you can turn these into 1000's by just customizing the backgrounds and things like that but you can see here we have all types of niches here from accounting services corporate attorney and I could just keep loading more and more dental services Dog Training dermatology event planner family law I care electrical contractor.

    You get all the templates from video chief edition 1.0 and 2.0

     So you can see over a 150 different green screen videos and the beautiful part about this offer as well as that you're not just getting a 150 green screen videos you're also going to get all the video templates from version 1.0 and all of the video templates from 2.0 as well.

    so when you browse templates you can get access to all of these templates also. all of these templates all these different categories and of course you get access to the voiceover templates so in case you want to edit your add your own the script templates as well if you want to record your own voice overs.

    Or if you have your own voice-over actress or actor and you also get course templates so if you want to use these as up-sells or use them to build your list whatever it may be but you can see they have a bunch of different videos.

    video chief UK edition have added over a 1000 templates with the green-screen now because there's over a 150 from the 1.0 and then the 2.0 templates if you've seen them before or not these are very professional Hollywood style templates so you get all of these aswell. All of these video templates are HD quality.

    keep watching this space more to come on Video Chief UK edition review with some bonus offers.