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Don’t buy VidMatrix until you have read my review

vidmatrix review

So what is VidMatrix and should you buy it well don’t buy viDMatrix until you have read my review on this product by Mario Brown.

So what does VidMatrix do and is it worth buying? So what does VidMatrix actually do to justify buying it? It is a video builder bundle that you can create 5 different types of videos.

Some of the features of VidMatrix

The layout of VidMatrix is very simple at the top you have 5 different options to choose from.

The first option is you can create logos for intros and outros in 2D and 3D. All you have to do is click on the option then you get many different logo animations styles to choose from, you can then click on each one and edit it easily with adding any image from your computer or the library withing Vidmatrix depending on which option you buy. Once you have your intro image you can then choose which music to use with the intro, it gives you some prebuilt music that are royalty-free to choose from.

The second option is the ability to make Facebook and youtube style advertising videos.

This option give you totally different styles of animation, With the facebook youtube vidoes styles you get the option to change the text within the vidoes it also shows you exactly how many characters you insert for each slide

The next option we have is being able to make live action videos.

These vidoes are actual live action that you can customise with your own brand anyway you want with text and logo.

The White board videos option is next

The white board style these videos styles give that writing on a whiteboard and you can change anything that is written on that whiteboard to give it that professional look

Slideshow videos types

With Slideshows being the 5 type of videos you can built with this software.

Watch a this video to see it in action

Check the official site

UltraSuite Review

Welcome to my UltraSuite review 2019 Plus 4 bonuses

Imagine having a suit that has everything all built into one ? well that's what UltraSuite does what they have done is taken the wordpress theme and giving it an UltraSuite which means you've got a funnels builder, a website membership site, software integrations with all the major autoresponders, JV page templates,website templates sales page templates squeeze page templates, everything you need essentially turn to be a great internet marketer in one WordPress theme.

what is ultrasuite?

what WordPress doesn’t give you is complete flexibility.
And what hasn’t existed – until now – (spoiler alert, it’s right here on this page!)

Is a complete all-in-one website building solution FOR WordPress That will give you absolutely everything you need to build, manage and grow your sites AND your businesses.

ALL from one single WordPress dashboard.

This is the theme to top all themes.

It’s not just a theme. It’s a total BEAST. And it wants to be your friend.

Funnles and pages

  • Drag and drop funnel page builder

  • One click template setup

  • Responsive pages

  • WPML & RTL supported

  • Google Adsense supported

Membership sites

  • Inbuilt drag and drop site creator

  • Inbuilt 5 themes

  • Product access setup

  • Integration with JVZoo and similar platforms

  • Inbuilt email template builder

Lead system

  • 30 pre-made lead pages 

  • 22 autoresponder intagration

  • 1 click page setup

  • drag and drop form builder

  • Store leads directly in Excel

support desk

  • Inbuilt support desk system

  • Live chat box

  • Android app

  • Built within WordPress theme

  • Help documentation templates


  • Woocommerce ready

  • Sell physical or digital products

scarcity module

  • Countdown timers

  • Notification bar

  • Pre-built templates

stats and ANALYTICS 

  • Product sales and statistics

  • Notification on dashboard

  • Funnels report

  • Individual product reports


  • 1 click setup

  • Fully responsive

  • Speed optimized

So When You Act Now, You’ll Get These 
Powerful Bonuses That Work Perfectly With 

Bonus Plugin #1

Video Overlay

Your list building secret weapon! Use ANY video - yours OR someone else’s - to generate targeted subscribers.

Place optin forms inside videos & customize when they appear during playback …

Even LOCK video content until users optin to leverage scarcity.

Add CTA buttons, social sharing and banners to any video to convert more traffic into customers.

ultrasuite review

Bonus Plugin #2

WP Ultimate Notification Bar

Get More Clicks With This All-In-One Tool Bar!

Highlight your offers & maximize click rate with a fixed bar that commands attention.

Customize your CTAs including texts, images & colors … position your bar at the top or bottom of any page to drive more clicks,
more often

Bonus Plugin #3

Exit Popup WordPress Plugin

Turn traffic into profits with this PROVEN tech.

Create specific exit popups for each post or page, or your entire
site … while setting a cookie so you don’t annoy repeat visitors. Easy to customize & mobile friendly.

Bonus Plugin #4

Sticky Ads Bar

EASILY monetize your site with 100% passive ads.

Create & manage ads you can integrate with posts or pages …
Customize images, videos, position & size to get more clicks
and MORE passive income.

My securedash review – how to make your website safe from hackers

How to make your website sure from hackers - my secure dash review With Bonuses

It is a really hot topic currently, simply because the Christmas Season comes and goes, Cyber Criminals are typically on High Alert.

Their activities increase during this time period of the year, since people tend to be spending lots and lots and lots of money on vacations…. christmas gifts… New Years Events and travel…. plus more.

Everybody is extremely relaxed at the time of this time of year.


This results in a really easy scenario for clever, dubious criminals out there, who straight up take full advantage of poor folk!

They use Botnets… Phishing… Spyware… Viruses… Trojans… And a lot of additional things, to attempt to attack vulnerable websites.

Next they make use of those compromised websites to hack a lot more websites…

Resulting in a large web of websites under their control.

Then once you lose control of your website.... You just as well might say bye bye to your whole business.

So if you are not taking the right steps to protect yourself… Then you may well be the first one to fall prey.

It’s very sad, but Thankfully, YOU make sure YOUR PART to make sure you keep yourself, your business and your website visitors, safe.



This easy to use 3-Step Security Dashboard Combines 10-Tools-In-1 that Gives Your Website Superior Protection From  Hackers, Botnets, Spyware, Viruses, Trojans & More…


SecureDash Secures All Types Of Websites In 3 Easy Steps!

( HTML, PHP, WordPress, Clickfunnels, Optimisepress, xFunnels, Shopify, All CMS & Everything Else...)

Pixly Pro Review

Welcome to Pixly Pro Review - 2018


So what is PixlyPro, It's a piece of software that combines all the most popular tracking pixels, From Facebook to Quora 

It's a great way to be able to have a call to action then also be able to have it re targeting for you.

Pixly Pro is launched on Sunday 26th August 2018

For more info on PixlyPro Check out the Demo in action

Drop Gecko Review

Drop Gecko Review 2018

Drop Gecko Review

So what do you get with drop gecko? With Drop Gecko you get access to cutting edge, instant ecommerce store building technology.

his SaaS is next level eCommerce made SOOO simple ... and perfect for ANYONE wanting to make money selling physical products online, without having any of the setup hassles, sourcing product responsiblities or delivery problems.

So what do you get with Drop Gecko

You'll receive:
- A professional looking, cloud hosted store, ready to take money right out the gate. 
- Direct integration with hundreds of thousands of product suppliers in ANY niche
- Automatic price cutting providing your customers with the lowest wholesale cost available
- They choose their profit margin/markup and pocket the profits!
- Chrome extension provides super smooth 1-click order fulfillment, sending customer details to wholesaler for delivery

There's NOTHING complicated to configure or set up and rather than settling for a tiny percentage of the sale as an affiliate, they're able to have their own fully functional, MUCH more profitable eCommerce store.

This is the most complete eCommerce store solution available in our marketplace, dropshipping is just the beginning - see below for our full feature list and watch the demo for more information!


Import Hot Selling Products
Frontend Drop Gecko can add 500 products using the easy import function to instantly add proven hot sellers from Aliexpress onto your store, pro upgrade (OTO1) lets them add more products


Create ANY Product Type
Dropshipping is just the beginning, you can add products as an affiliate or even sell digital download products.  Everything is easily controlled in your admin dashboard


Use Your Own Domain Name
Our stores are fully hosted and come with a subdomain of your choice, but if you'd like to use your own domain it's as easy as following our steps and activating


Your Own Blog
Every store comes with an installed blog, SEO optimised and easy to use to get lots of traffic and build your authority as a product provider in your niche


Margin Manager
Choose the price amount you want to add on top of the wholesale prices (either dollar amount or percentage), so you choose how much profit you want to make on proven best sellers


Sales Boosters
Real-time countdown timers, cart expiry timers, buy button flip 'i deserve it' etc. to really boost sales.  Standard account gives 3, pro account unlocks our entire library (15+)


Browser Extension
Get notified when you make a sale (via our email system) and then use our one-click order fulfillment button to place the order with the wholesaler and forward all customer shipping details


Your Choice Of Design
You can select from one of 5 designs and then countless options for your header/store design.  Pro members get an additional 5 to choose from AND discount on any marketplace designs they want to purchase too 


Retargeting Ready
Add your retargeting pixel to make sure you get your sales offer in front of your audiences at the lowest cost possible


Connect Payment Gateway
Regular account level allows them take payments by connecting their Paypal account.  Pro unlocks Stripe, Braintree, 2CO & more



One Click Checkout & Upsells
Smooth buying experience for your customers, who never leave your site.  Purchase is taken on your site and direct to your Paypal account.


Shipping Methods
You choose how you want to offer delivery, either free (at your expense), paid or however you like - pro members can also connect with Shippo and allow users to pickup at designated locations


Azon affiliate yoga health

azon affiliate yoga health

Azon affiliate yoga health

Welcome to azon affiliate yoga health review.

If your looking in to building an Amazon affiliate website this product is packed with all the essential data that anyone looking to build a successful cash generating Amazon affiliate website in any niche would need. Including the time consuming detailed keyword research data plus exact match data. Royalty free product review videos, that you can use on your website WP headers and themes infographics banners, articles and much more.

I just wanted to let you know about a HUGE new package in a hot, evergreen $18+ Billion Yoga niche that just got released by Mike Mckay and his team! In a rush click the link below to check it out…

It tends to be quite difficult to get hold of quality PLR content online today, with most content being rehashed and of very little benefit. That said if you want to get your hands on some quality PLR content, in multiple formats, in a hugely popular lifestyle/diet niche then check out ‘Azon Affiliate Yoga Health’ that was released today!

As you know Amazon is one of the easiest ways to make commissions. Once you make your first $1 you’ll be hooked and there’s nothing more exciting than watching your passive income grow each month thanks to adding quality content to your affiliate sites and building new affiliate sites with the same quality content.

With this Amazon PLR pack you’ll have that great content, dazzling website graphics and everything you need to make money online…I mean you can target the massive Yoga niche with this amazing content product and my bonus…

Let’s have a look at what’s in this awesome package:

* Introductory PDF

* 40 High Quality Amazon Yoga Niche Mp4 video reviews

* Detailed Niche Keyword Data

* Detailed Niche Exact Match Domain Data

* Multiple PRO designed website graphics including header, footer, banner ads + more

* Amazon product list

* Over 1500 Niche Related PLR articles

* Multiple Niche Related PLR ebooks/reports

* Detailed Infographics

* And so much, much more!

Creating content is hard and most people give up before they even really get started.

Gain instant access and credibility into the $18+ Billion Yoga niche with this incredible package.

Azon Affiliate Yoga Health allows you to target multiple hugely popular, cash-rich niches, including lifestyle, fitness, diet, weight loss and self improvement. With $18+ Billion projected spent this year in the United States, with a staggering 74% spending increase in this niche over the last 5 years alone, the demand is huge.

Also worthy of note is that over 72% of people in this lifestyle niche are female, and as patterns indicate,  spending in this niche is prolific!

Mike has the price locked for the first 4 hours so the quicker you get in the better price and value you will receive for your purchase.

I’ve checked out this latest pack and I have to say the quality, as always, is excellent, you will love it!

Bonuses Included


954x Diet PLR Articles

10x Diet Inspirational Images

10x License Free Diet Images

10x Amazon Diet Product Review Articles

5x Weight Loss PLR eBooks

5 Part Weight Loss/Diet Email Series

Diet KW Data

Azon Notify Box Plugin

SimpleAzon Plugin

EZ Azon Cart

WP Rapid PRP Review Theme

Get paid for online surveys

Here’s How YOU Can Stake Out Your Personal Claim In Our EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR GOLDMINE

$8,000,000 is the amount happy members have been paid to date just for sharing their opinions with our panel of top companies. And now it’s YOUR TURN to claim YOUR piece of the action - STARTING TODAY!


Your views are valuable to many leading brands. A successful company’s most important consultant is you, the consumer! Companies rely on your feedback to produce new and improved products and services. bridges the gap between your opinions and the companies who need them. You can earn cash and rewards for the time you spend taking online surveys!

By being a member of, you may find yourself taking paid online surveys about electronics, medicine, politics, sports, advertisements, appliances, or even what you ate for breakfast.

These are just SOME of the ways you can make money with our online paid surveys and strategic partnerships with MAJOR corporations!

  • check

    Get paid up to $5 dollars for 10-15 minute surveysGet paid up to $30/ per hour on focus group and panelsGet

  • check

    Paid up to $15-$30 for 30-45 minute surveysGet paid up to $50 for premium surveysFlexible working hours,

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    work when you want toWork at home, make money no matter where you are in the world!

  • check

    No experience needed to join!

Cryptosuite Review

Welcome to my Cryptosuite review 2018 - i'll explain how it works and what it does

CryptoSuite Review

So what is cryptosuite ? Well it's the first and only Cyrpto currency software suite that is fully automated. It automates the process that seasoned Crypto experts would do manually.

It puts all the info you need to make money from Crypto currency into one easy to use suite.

CryptoSuite automates everything from sharing what coins are going on crazy runs live as they happen every single day. to sending you push notifications to email or your desktop when specific coins are doing things like going on runs to dropping below certain values. To sharing and displaying what all these coins are and if they are backed by anything.

To arbitrage dashboards showing you where you can buy bitcoin on one exchange for X amount of money and where you can sell them instantly on another exchange for a profit.

CryptoSuite no guesswork

CryptoSuite take all the guesswork out of the equation and will have you making a killing in Crypto currencies it really is that simple. 



Want to know what coins are growing the fastest daily? 
Cryptosuite takes the guess work out and tells you LIVE.

Cryptosuite review


Crytosuite will email and update your dashboard when any new coin is about to explode so you can get in EARLY.

cryptosuite filtered alerts


Cryptosuite will tell you when to not only BUY coins, but when to SELL by sending you live alerts of when your portfolio drops below X or grows by Y.

cryptosuite triggered alerts


Cryptosuite displays all the currencies in the world, allowing you to not only see, but understand what they all do and which ones to invest in. No other tool makes it this simple.

cryptosuite discover select profit


Ever wanted to know what the hell all these cryptocurrencies do, what their past history is, where they are potentially headed and have up to date live info on their progress? Cryptosuite covers all of this for you.

cryptosuite full history on cryprocurrencies


Cryptosuite has it’s own inbuilt portfolio that allows you to track exactly how much profit you have made and exactly what your portfolio is worth. No other suite offers this.

cryptosuite track profits instantly


This group is worth the investment alone – this is where you will have contact with me and many of my crypto multi 8 and 9 figure earners daily & can connect with other like minded members.

cryptosuite memebers club

More on CryptoSuite review to come...

HypeSprout Review

HypeSprout review - Will You Make Money?

Hypesprout review

HypeSprout uses a cloud based platform that uses referral marketing that then generates high quality buyer intent traffic and multiply your email list, through a customizable built in automated Rewards system that can be used to create any type of viral campaign (contest, giveaway, waiting list, lead magnet). Whatever campaign type you might have in mind if you can think it, you can build it. It really is that flexible.

HypeSprout turns campaign visitors in to subscribers and raving fans, who then will do the marketing FOR YOU and refer their friends to your opt-in pages 24/7. Meaning more and better quality traffic and leads for you & more money sales to be made, at no additional cost that's thanks to the built-in viral referral system. With this software you’ll be able to copy Dropbox, Uber, PayPal and Evernote’s proven strategy to build your prospect and customer list with the lowest possible acquisition cost. Get explosive growth without the million dollar marketing budget.

More detailed review to come visit the official site

What you get: overview

  • Up to 25 active campaigns and 10 done-for-you templates.Basic automated emails (Welcome Email, Referral Notification Email, Optin Reward Email, Reward Emails).

HypeSprout PRO

  • Up to 100 active campaigns, 20 templates, extra PRO-features (including Automated Reminder Emails, Broadcast Emails, Questions feature, One Click Winner Notification, Add SMTP, custom domain name, customize & remove branding….) PLUS we’re including Developer Rights so your customers can make money offering HypeSprout as a service. With Developer Rights, you can easily share campaigns with clients and add your own branding to the client login area (client gets a limited dashboard to view & manage the campaigns you have shared with them).

Covert T-Shirt Store Review

Covert T shirt store review 2018

What Is Covert Shirt Store?

covert t-shirt store review

Covert T-Shirt Store is the first and only dedicated T-shirt store theme for WordPress. It makes it super easy for people to build great looking t-shirt stores to promote their own shirts or for selling other people's shirts as an affiliate.

Here's a screenshot showing how sexy these stores look right out of the box (but of course people can customize everything with our step-by-step wizard!

  • Mini tutorial videos for every setting in the admin area - right where you need them when you need them!
  • Self-Optimising theme, showing the best converting T-shirts first
  • Full integration with the big social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and of course Facebook
  • Inbuilt automatic traffic generation from social networks
  • Automatically builds your list and integrates with all major auto responders
  • Sell your own T-shirts (integrates with Teespring, Skreened, Teezily, Fabrily and Sunfrog) or sell shirts as an affiliate through Skreened, Sunfrog or Amazon
  • And it looks like a million bucks - plus it's very easy to customize just the way you want it

Lots have happened in the world of t-shirts since the launched Covert Shirt Store last year.

The continuously support all of our products (at no extra cost to existing members) and this theme has already gotten 9 updates to keep it up to date with all the new developments.

This 2.0 version is the result of a lot of feedback and requests from our members, plus a desire to expand the theme to work with more t-shirt and social media sites.

The covert Tshirt features include

  • Integration with Teezily, allowing our members to sell t-shirts to the European market.
  • Integration with Fabrily, another great new site that caters to the EU market
  • Integration with Sunfrog T-shirts. Sunfrog has an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions on other people's t-shirts expanding our members' ability to profit with our theme without creating any t-shirts themselves (a central promise of our theme)
  • Tons of small improvements to enhance performance, flexibility and ease of use.

The custom t-shirt niche is obviously still very hot, and most people in internet marketing would love to give it a go. But the fact is that designing a t-shirt and then spending money on Facebook ads to promote, scares the majority of your subscribers to death!

Covert Shirt T-Store gives everyone a chance to get involved with the custom t-shirt niche... pros to complete beginners alike...

Here are just a few of the ways people are already using our theme

  • The theme gives people a central store front where they can display all their t-shirts. This can help maximize the ROI on paid advertising.
  • The list building and social media features helps create return customers, cutting down on the cost of customer acquisition.
  • With the SEO friendly WordPress platform and social media integration the theme gives a real free traffic alternative to people who don't want to spend money on paid advertising.
  • The integration with Amazon and Sunfrog allows people to earn commissions selling other people's t-shirts. This way they can profit from the t-shirt craze without ever having to design a single shirt themselves.
  • Selling shirt as an affiliate also gives you a vital look at what type of shirts convert well, and many of our members have used