Illustration | MetaGame

The illustrations capture the essence of the videogame in a single, eye-catching image. Some images may… More

UI, UX Digital and Print | Deleon Tequila

Deleon was having some UX issues. I was asked to streamline the flow and create… More

Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding | Raw Daw

Logo, labeling, copy, branding and marketing concept for a gourmet pickle company Raw Daw, based… More

Graphic Design, Logo | Beehive Designer Collective

I was contacted by the owners of Beehive Designer Collective to redesign their logo. They… More

Concept Prototyping, Product Design, Illustartion | Design For The Majority

Improving Rural Chinese Healthcare NYC/Shanghai “Design for the Majority” was a collaboration studio with renowned… More

Interactive Installation | The Hrytl Simulacrum @ The Mütter Museum

The Hyrtl Simulacrum is a multimedia, interactive augmentation to the museum experience. It makes curiosity… More

Visual Design, Digital and Print | Lacoste

At RJW Collective I created logo lockups, Miro-sites, POS posters, updated the Lactose Live landing… More

3D Modeling and Texture | Cloud Fish

Preliminary Poster Layout Basically I want to make a somewhat Steam Punk dirigible or blimp.… More

Graphic Design, Logo | Health Warrior

Redesign and Branding of Health Warrior Chia Products. I worked on the initial redesign of… More

IxD, UI | The Elephant Dollar

Currently in progress: An interactive online narrative based on the graphic novel Eager to Please.… More

Graphic Design, Logo, Print | Callaloo

Redesign of the company logo along with a quick wholesale catalog supplement, post cards and… More

Graphic Design, Illustration | Oliver Sacks Data Band

Critical Design on Korakoff’s Syndrome. Life without memory is no life at all- Luis Bunuel.… More

Editorial Illustration | Poetry and Narrative

Looking at narrative poetry as a genre of storytelling for inspiration in print media and… More

Visual Design, UI | Katie Lee

At RJW Collective I was tasked with creating updates to the Katie Lee Website. These… More

Animation | Mythology as Interface

Animating Mythology as Interface, Forensics as Metaphor ABSTRACT I aim to animate and illustrate a… More

Interactive Installation | Audio [in] Perfection @ Dubway Studios

Altering the Narrative of a Public Space Since first hearing about the assignment,   I have… More

Information Mapping | MAFDT Affiliation Assessment

A mapping project to show which organizations Parsons MFADT students were affiliated with at the… More

Interactive Installation | Union Square in Motion | MTA Arts for Transit

A continuation of a spring collaboration studio, 3 Parsons’ students, 3 Parsons’ Alumni, and New… More

Splash UI, UX | Eager to Please

The concept, design and execution of a new splash page for the online home of… More

Documentary Film | Artistry and Craftsmanship, Loui Vuitton Moet Hennessy

The artisan appropriates qualities from the worlds of both the artist and the craftsman; creating… More

3D Modeling and Texture | The Little Village

This is a rough draft of the presentation of the of my CG village. I now… More

Animation | The Tree Walks

Another quick walk cycle in Flash I did to learn and practice. I’m a big… More

Image Manipulation, Illustration, Visual Design | Sommerset

During my time with RJW Collective, I mocked-up images for a campaign Sommerset.… More

UI, UX, IxD | Snapsta

At RJW Collective I was asked to work on the iPhone App Snapsta: UI/UX tweaks… More

UX, IxD | Anthem Productions

The re-branding of AATNY into Anthem Productions, an international entertainment company, required a new website.… More

User Testing, Documentation | Microsoft Research @ MoMA’s Material Lab

I recently helped document artist using Microsoft Digital Art for the first time. A painting… More

Mobile Concept Design | Calvino’s Invisible Cities

This project began with a selection from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. “The book explores imagination… More

WordPress Website | Sri

Simple Clean Visual Design for the band Sri’s WordPress Website.… More

Image Editing, Manipulation | Retouching

I have been a full-time to freelance retoucher more often then I’d care to list… More

UI and Graphic Design | Taxi Reviews

Quick and dirty rough visual prototype for the design of a simple user generated content… More

WordPress Website | London Squared Productions

I was asked to design a user friendly WordPress blog for London Squared Productions. The… More

Public Intervention and Visual Design | Bryant Park is For The Birds

Through tactical observation and secondary research we chose to maximize an existing system of social… More

Motion Graphics, Illustration, Animation | Renwick Smallpox Hospital

Design Question:  How do we preserve the past while making room for the future? Final… More

Animation | A Quick Little Lip Sync

Just trying my hand at lip sync using Flash CS4. The audio was given to… More

Public Intervention | Site=Sight Studio, Interactive Illusion

An Engagement in Wandering reflect, connect, speculate, consider, process formulate and make in response to the… More

7 in 7 | 1 | Many Eyes, Christians and Constraints

The Goal of this project is to create and complete one project each day, for… More

Editorial Illustration | A Pill for Greed

Fact + Fact = Fiction In this project 2 unrelated articles from the Jan.26th edition… More

7 in 7 | 3 and 4 | Hinduism and Chinese Traditional Religion

Chinese Traditional Religion Chinese Traditional Religion II Taking various quotes on Chinese Traditional Religion from… More

Animation | 7 in 7 – Buddhism

This was the first statement about Buddhism on the Adherents web site: “Tibet: I am… More

7 in 7 | 6 | Nontheist

The placement of the “absence or rejection of a personal god or creator” next to… More

Physical Computing, Rapid Prototyping | Scrapyard Challenge

The Scrapyard Challenge Workshops, led by artists Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katharine Moriwaki, are intensive workshops… More

Dirty Animation | Site=Sight Studio, Beijing Zoom

An Engagement in Wandering reflect, connect, speculate, consider, process formulate and make in response to the… More

Storyboards, Illustration, Animatic | This might save your life!

The idea was to create an instructional animatic based on those “How to..” poster, like… More

Animation | A Bouncy Little Walk Cycle

Here he is moving across the screen, very quickly!: When I get some time I… More